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I've been putting out feelers, trying to find community here in Chicago, as well as my place for service and work, and activities for the boys.

Some of the things we're trying out: )

Wow. I guess I AM kind of doing a lot of things. I was feeling a little scattered, and wanted to get it all down in one place, so I decided to write an LJ post to help myself get organized. I've been feeling lonely and adrift, which is totally normal since we just moved here... but seeing all this is making me feel like I really AM making an effort to get myself out there, connect with people, make friends, get us out of the house.
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Like just about everyone else, I've fallen into the FB quicksand. I do read my LJ flist, but I've been an abysmal correspondent. I was musing on this today... )

Well, no concrete conclusions here. Just musing and wondering whether others are in the same boat.
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When the kids were little, sometimes I'd pile everyone in the van and say, "We're going to have an adventure!" I would let them pick the directions we'd turn... while I sometimes had some vague ideas of where to go, it was usually pretty random.

I've been having some Chicago adventures lately, although not so random. I don't know the area well enough to have vague plans for whichever direction we land in, so I try to gather a couple of spots to visit in a neighborhood, then just go and wander. Sometimes Bill comes along (like when we headed out to the punk bakery last weekend); sometimes I go on my own.

Today, we had an Adventure! )

How was YOUR weekend?

Blue day

Feb. 12th, 2010 10:26 am
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I know it's still a time of transition and settling, and it's the middle of winter, and I'm kinda isolated with the boys, and I'm not very high energy right now...

but I feel like I've been going to homeschooling, SCA, knitting and other gatherings, and really trying to meet people, and the few I've felt drawn to I'm trying very hard not to alienate by being too desperate for adult companionship... and I haven't really felt that any of them are really drawn to me, just kinda like they're being nice to me 'cause I'm new here (for which I'm immensely grateful, don't get me wrong!)...

I don't think any of the people I've met in Chicago even read my LJ.

Just feeling a little down, lonely, sad.
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I apologize for the appalling lack of living room and dining room photos. You will just have to come visit and see them in person!

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I feel like I just bagged a wildebeest barehanded. )

I'll go get a ton of pictures tomorrow and post 'em when I can. Lots of details to deal with soon, not least of which is hiring the movers and selling our appliances (anyone need a fridge, gas stove, washer or dryer?). But tomorrow... I have a house to measure, a lease to sign, and a reason to celebrate.

I think I might pick up a cold one, go to the beach, and raise a toast to Kathy.

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