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My new braiding website just went live today.

It's not all that exciting, as these things go. But I need to get back into the braiding game, and a website is definitely the way any business will survive in this day and age.

I'd be very glad if any of you would be willing to give it a look-see, and maybe shoot me any comments using the contact form on the site.

Many thanks!
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Double French with two accent ropes

This was the only braid I took a picture of at the Ohio Ren Festival. She had lovely hair, and I couldn't let it go without throwing in a couple of ropes.

I really should make a braid icon...
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I failed on the photos for this last weekend (I came out of braider retirement to help out at the Ohio Renaissance Festival), but the booth owner got a really lovely shot of all three of us together.

Three beautiful braiders!

What's really cool is that I've known of both of these talented braiders for years now, and this was the first chance I've had to meet them IRL. What's embarrassing is that it took me so long to realize that Barbara is [ profile] blk on LJ, whose work I've enjoyed for a while now. It was an absolute honor and delight to braid next to them, to learn from them, to hook into the Braider Gossip Network, and to fall back into my faire self again.

The downside: barely made back my expenses, and a really long drive (8hrs down, closer to 5.5 coming back, due to figuring out how to avoid the worst of the construction thanks to one of the swordsmen).

Still feeling a little addled from the trip...

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