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My name is attached to some of the Wiscon communication venues, due to the fact that I've worked on the newsletter for a couple of years now. Someone responded angrily to the fact that SF3, the parent organization for Wiscon, just rescinded Elizabeth Moon's invitation to be guest of honor next year. Here's what I wrote:

I honestly don't know the process, but I do know it was agonizingly difficult for all involved. I don't think (the decision) was underhanded; first the Troika (the three volunteer organizers) seemed to decide to not rescind (yet... I'm pretty sure the door was left open for later rescinding), partly because I believe they may have thought a resignation from Moon was forthcoming (and that would have been a far more dignified exit for her), but Moon apparently did not make this choice and so the SF3 took matters into their own hands.

I don't know if the Troika even had the power to break the legal contract that was involved... it's entirely possible that it was SF3 was the signatory and thus only one of their specified representatives could break it, and that the Troika weren't part of that set.

I must very clearly state that I am not on the concom and have not been included in ANY of the phone calls, email exchanges or any other communication regarding this matter. But I do believe the Troika and SF3 did the right thing in listening to everyone's side, waiting for diplomacy to do its job, and then finally severing the contract. It's not something to be done hastily, and there still may be consequences, both financial and legal, if Moon chooses to kick up a fuss.

I don't think it was done in a cruel and rude manner... I believe it was much better to wait for all other avenues to be exhausted before lowering the boom like this. I'd much rather see folks err on the side of caution instead of succumbing to hotheadedness and prideful wrath. Whatever was done, was done with care, intention and honesty, and I've seen nothing to lead me to believe otherwise.

My heart goes out to all involved... this must have been incredibly painful for all parties.


Jan. 24th, 2010 08:00 pm
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So who's going to WisCon this year?

I turned in a bunch of ideas for sessions, but I don't know if I'll actually be working on any of 'em. I may or may not be working on ConCom this year... if I do, it'll probably be the newsletter again (or some similar at-con publications effort).

I don't have a room yet... anyone need a nice, quiet roommate? No snoring, guaranteed!

My mother passed away four days after I got back from last year's WisCon, and while I feel the great enthusiasm and joy I absorbed there really bouyed me through the next unexpectedly difficult months (hell, the next three months!), I never got back on track to writing like I'd hoped to.

Right now I'm looking to change that. Write now!

So... who's in?

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