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Still plugging my way through my 2017 introspection. I'm very happy to connect with others over any of the following, if someone has an interest.

Recreation (including goals if applicable):

Some of the things I currently do for fun:
Calligraphy (I think that with a little more space, I could actually do this for money soon. For about six months in 2016, I had a monthly scribal meet-up that was a lot of fun, but we lost the site and I haven't yet found a suitable replacement.)
Puzzles (mostly with Puzzled Pint but sometimes with friends just for fun. I also do crosswords, sometime with Bill. Maybe figure out a way to have a NYT subscription... do they offer a sub just for the puzzle?)
Board games (I'm finding that more and more, I cannot abide the games where you are forced to make a bad move, like Bill's new Druids game or Alphabear on my phone. But I love cooperative games like Pandemic and LoTR, and clever word games like Code Names and Wise & Otherwise. I'd like to get a regular gaming group happening.)
Video games (mostly on my 3DS. Cordell gave me Tomodachi Life and Bill gave me Happy Home Designer for Christmas, and I've been happily puttering in both for the last few weeks. No goals except for fun!)
Knitting (I'd like to make myself a cardigan someday, like this but in rainbow colors on black. Not sure if that's in the cards for this year, but I'm thinking at least a shrug or shawl that includes the glorious rainbow silk-wool yarn that a friend spun for me could happen soonish.)
Viking wire knitting (Portable craft, yay! No particular goals, just explore and have fun.)
SCA (Usually helping in the kitchen, sometimes scribing. I WILL make new garb this year!)
Reading (though that has been curtailed due to poor eyesight, even with new lenses. Reading is very slow and hard for me without a backlight and ability to change font sizes, but I get frustrated with e-readers. I'd like to do a reread of all the Discworld books.)

Some of the things I used to do that I'd like to start doing again but probably can't because of pain issues:
Juggling (Bill and I pull the clubs out once in a blue moon, but I really miss it.)
Braiding (I'll braid for a friend now and then. I would like to rewrite my teaching notes and maybe start teaching again.)
Nia (This breaks my heart. I loved Nia and I think it was really good for me. I've heard of water Nia but they don't offer it at my club.)

Some things I used to do that I'd like to start doing again but can't because I don't have the space yet:
Kumihimo (I have the marudai and lots of practice floss, but it's not gonna happen in this tiny place.)
Victorian hairwork (Same with the hairwork. But I've got all your generous ponytails and I WILL use them someday!)
Beadwork (I gave away a LOT of my old beadwork stuff, but kept some pretty beads and the tools to do the wirework. Again... someday!)

A thing I'd like to do and think I might be pretty good at:
Writing YA fiction (It will happen when it becomes a priority for me.)

Regrettably, most of my free time is spent dicking around on Facebook. I love being able to connect with friends from all over, seeing kids grow up, offering ideas to others asking for help, and making people laugh. I really do need to cut it back, though, so I can do some of the other stuff above...

One thing that keeps me from starting big projects like sewing something or writing a story is that I have a VERY difficult time merging my creative work and my domestic work. I get into the flow, and have to cut it off to deal with a kid or laundry or shopping or making meals, and while those are very reasonable things for an at-home mom to need to deal with, if I'm immersed in something else, I feel unreasonably enraged when I am interrupted. This is where my studio was invaluable... if I'm out of sight, not in the middle of the daily hustle and bustle, people are much more likely to solve their own issues (a door that locks helps with this as well). So my creative work again gets set off to the side. I imagine once Linc is in college, I'll have the freedom to dive in headfirst again... I can't wait!

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