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Hello, LJ! It's been a while... how about a nice New Year's list?

ONE person I hope to be more like:
1. I remember someone telling me once that "you become who you admire." It's really true, so be careful who you hold in high esteem! Someone who has always held my deepest admiration and respect is Debbie Davis, the editor and assistant publisher of The Davis Enterprise, the daily paper of the town I lived in for 20 years. Most of those years, I had at least a passing working relationship with Debbie, and for the last couple of years, I was an associate editor under her. She was always calm and level-headed, sharp and funny, dependable and strong. Even when we disagreed, I never felt it was personal or motivated by some kind of power play. She worked at a daily paper... you do what you have to do to get the edition out, then you can kick back (a little bit!) and deal with everything else. What's kind of cool is that I know another wonderful woman who is also a media player in Davis, who reminds me a lot of Debbie: Autumn Labbe-Renault. I admire her for a lot of the same reasons I admire Debbie, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that they work together frequently to better the town they both love. I still hold out hope that we'll someday return to Davis, and I will be able to join them!

TWO good deeds I'm going to do:
1. Linc and I will continue our weekly meal delivery route for a local seniors program.
2. I will continue to volunteer as a MISS mentor to families who have lost babies in pregnancy or at birth.

THREE new skills I'd like to learn:
1. I want to continue studying the arts of calligraphy and illumination, via the SCA.
2. I'd like to really get a grip on the art of kumihimo, and start some Victorian-style hairwork.
3. It's a long shot, but I'd like to start making bread again, this time gluten-free, and enough for our family.

FOUR things I'd like to acquire: (eesh, a lot of my time is spent trying NOT to want things!)
1. A hot tub... I have issues with my joints and inflammation, and immersion in hot water almost instantly eases the pain. Unfortunately, I can only very rarely indulge in a bath (it's a huge PITA to set up the tub here, and it's expensive to go out to King Spa or elsewhere). If I had a tub again, I'd use it EVERY DAY! It's not likely going to happen this year, but definitely sometime in the near future...
2. A rug for my studio. Something thick and soft but not shaggy, to do yoga and meditation on. Right now, I'm using towels, so I have something... but I'm hoping a nice rug will come by on Freecycle! Fingers crossed...
3. A massage table. I used to do massages for money and barter in Davis, and it was a nice way to augment our income. We had to get rid of it before we moved here, and I've regretted it ever since. I couldn't do massage for money here (looked into massage school and it's WAY out of our reach right now) but I think I could do it for barter or trade without getting arrested.
4. New glasses. I think my prescription has changed, so this means first finding a competent optometrist.

FIVE places I'd like to visit:
1. Northern California... Davis (for Mother's Day weekend, to braid for the midwives at the Whole Earth Festival) and Penngrove (to visit my dad)
2. My friend Caren on the central coast of California; it's been several years since I've seen her.
3. Washington State... Seattle (where my daughter and friends live) and Spokane (where my in-laws live)
4. Portland, Maine, for the National Puzzlers League convention
5. Yellowstone Park, with Linc... I never get tired of exploring this place!

SIX things that I'd like to accomplish:
1. Growing an herb/vegetable garden that produces enough to really make a difference on our grocery bill.
2. Knitting some big things... a few gifts, and one vest or cardigan for me!
3. Revamping my braiding website.
4. Writing (finishing!) a YA novel.
5. Assisting with the IJA festival in Purdue.
6. Studying art therapy.

SEVEN good habits I'm going to form:
1. Find a way to dance NIA regularly again
2. Daily yoga
3. Daily meditation
4. Daily intentions
5. Daily positive affirmations to work towards body acceptance and love
6. Daily walk
7. Letter-writing

EIGHT books I'd like to read: (does it count if I've already started reading some of them? I'm gonna say yes!)
1. "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth," by Commander Chris Hadfield
2. "Nothing to Lose: A Guide to Sane Living in a Larger Body," by Cheri K. Erdman
3. "The Count of Monte Cristo," by Alexandre Dumas (a re-read, but it's been years)
4. "What the Bee Knows: Reflections on Myth, Symbol, and Story," by P.L. Travers (yes, THAT P.L. Travers!)
5. "Iron Hearted Violet," by Kelly Barnhill
6. "The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia," by Bernard Suits
7. "The Westing Game," by Ellen Raskin
8. "M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, and Alice Waters: Celebrating the Pleasures of the Table," by Joan Reardon
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