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In the last few weeks, I've let go of some things that have been very important to me over the long term (my van, my hair, and my dog). I've established a semi-regular meditation practice. Spring has arrived with a furnace blast of heat (89 today!), and I'm setting off on a month-long adventure on Friday with my youngest son at my side.

The simultaneous growth of Clayton into his own as a young man, and Wiley's decline and death, feels like a major chapter in my life has closed. I'm still a mom, but my job description has changed significantly.

I'm not sure how this is all gonna shake out, but there is a whiff of something exciting, clean, and soft in the wind, and I'm looking forward to chasing it down once this storm of grief has passed.
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Our good dog Wiley has been with us for the better part of 14 years.

I need help thinking this through. )

How do I solve this? What do I do? Help!
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I was worried that Wiley was showing signs of a stroke or TIA, so I looked it up.

He seemed to be less in pain, per se, than just generally distressed. He had signs of nerve problems, most obvious being a wobbly head while lying down and a bit of nystagmas (eye jerking), as well as not wanting to stand or walk (and when he did, it wasn't like he was in pain... just very unsure of himself on his feet). He didn't eat and only drank a little, but was eliminating OK. His sclera and mucus membrane color was good. He was panting but it seemed more like when he was anxious rather than really hot (didn't seem to have a temperature or other sign of infection) or gasping for air. The Rimadyl seemed to settled him enough to rest but he was still wobbly and unhappy for about a day.

Now I'm fairly convinced that he's been having attacks of canine vestibular syndrome. He had it at least once before, after his corncob episode, and recovered fairly quickly from that time, too.

Good news seems to be that it resolves on its own usually. Bad news is there's not really prevention or relief treatment. Still, I think having US not freaking out around him if/when he has it again will help him relax a little.

Boy, I love the Internet!
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Discussion of dog butt underneath cut; probably not appropriate for breakfast reading. )

Short version: Wiley is at the vet, vet just called and we have hope that it's not as bad as we first thought; we'll know more in a little while.

Snow day!

Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:50 pm
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We woke up to about four inches of snow Saturday morning, and another couple inches came down in the next few hours. We all went out to play, and I got a few photos.

Here they are... )

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