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I've seen a few old LJ friends popping up again on my feed, and they've inspired me to finally update my own LJ. Big ol' post behind the cut. )

In general, I've found a lot of things to keep me busy and happy while I'm in Chicago. But while I've found a lot to love about the Midwest and this city, it's not home and it never will be. I know I need to go back to the West Coast, and I trust that the universe will eventually align in such a way so that it will happen. Until then, I do what I can for myself, my family, and my community, and do my best to stay positive and hopeful.
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I'm seeing some lovely end-of-year posts from friends here on LJ, so I'm going to do the same... as well as resolve to come back and post here more often. G+ just hasn't caught on with the people I want to connect with, FB is too oriented towards small bites (taste great but less filling), and I really need to be able to sit down and produce longer, more thoughtful pieces. I do have a WordPress food blog, and I might someday export this LJ to WP, but for now here I am and so here's where I'll post.

Christmas )

Arts & Letters )

Ear )

Wellness )

The Family )

Sabbatical )

Yikes, that's a lot. I think I'll wrap it up for now. (Maybe if I wrote more than once a month, I wouldn't have to do these huge novels. I'll work on it!)

Here's hoping you and those close to your heart have a warm and wonderful 2013 ahead of you!
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What's up at our house. )

I want you all to know I pop into LJ and read here fairly often, so please keep posting. I'm on G+ and FB and Twitter and Pinterest but LJ is where I can put forth longer and more thoughtful posts. Should I port to a blogging site? I know a lot of you are doing Dreamwidth and so on... I don't know. Is anyone even reading my LJ anymore?
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A few weeks ago, I read about a local historical group resurrecting a turn-of-the-century Kansas City tradition, the Priests of Pallas Ball. It sounded like fun, but the tickets were $85 a pop... so I called and asked if they needed any volunteers. I wound up helping at the ticket booth, and needed a mask for the event. Here's what happened... )


...and the update. )

I guess that's about it for now. Nothing earthshaking, just plodding along day by day here in Cowtown.

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