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Some holiday rambliness...

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I could go on and on in this vein, and utterly bore to tears anyone who has miraculously made it thus far... but I’ll wrap it up for now. There’s a turkey to brine, nuts to roast... and then I think I’ll read some of a Little House book to Lincoln. I hope you all have a warm and welcoming place to spend your holiday. (If you don’t, and you’re one of my new Chicago-area friends, and you’d like to join us, PLEASE consider this an invitation to join us! Email me and we’ll make it happen.)

If you're reading this, know I am very grateful that you care enough about me to read my words. May you have a Thanksgiving Day full of delights and laughter, old memories to retell and new babies to dandle, and at least one bite of something that makes you close your eyes, sigh blissfully and feel so glad to be alive, right here, right now.
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We think the worst has passed. Bill was down all day yesterday and a good part of this morning, but now he's up and around again (movin' slow, but moving!). Thanksgiving is proceeding according to plan. And what is that plan, you might say?

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