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If you're interested in hearing what I thought about Ratatouille, please check out the post I just wrote over at [ profile] moodyfoodie.

I was very surprised to see an extremely small turnout... probably less than 40 people, but I suppose I should be thrilled that they decided to preview it in Kansas City at all.

I'll be back when it opens on June 29... wish I could drag you all along with me!
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This is soooo cool... you can alter my daemon for the next few days, before a final form is chosen. You might also want to go check out the movie's website, it's lovely (and I didn't even know they were making a Golden Compass movie... I can't wait!)

Meet my Daemon. )
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Cordell found this movie on Google (Kintaro Walks Japan), and we watched it tonight. It's really fired up my wanderlust, although the idea of trekking on foot seems much more daunting with a two-year-old kid in tow. I think I'll stick with the van for now...

It's a lovely little film (67 minutes), about the adventures of a young man who decides to walk the length of Japan in search of his father's birthplace, his lover's admiration, and, in no small part, himself.

We're doing some homework on our own trip... I'm thinking that the braiding classes really aren't going to happen, but I might try to schedule one in West Palm Beach because we'll probably crash there the longest. I do like the idea of earning my way as I go along, but the realities of the road mean that I can't schedule things as tightly as that. Also, I like not having specific deadlines to force us to push on driving even if we're tired and need to stop.

I'm going on the road again, wheee! Thanks, Kintaro, for egging me on...

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