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... and it wasn't so bad!

I was at a park day yesterday, and met a lovely lady knitting on a fabulous colorwork sweater of her own design. She was perhaps in her mid-to-late 50s, obviously comfortable in her cronehood, wearing a t-shirt featuring a cascade of skulls, talking about her Harry Potter group on Ravelry. A lovely older geeky nerdy gal who sings in her local UU choir, paganish, volunteers at the arboretum, was involved in the creation of the only Sudbury school in Chicago as well as unschooling; her older kids are now mostly grown and gone.

She was funny, happy in her skin, warm and welcoming, smart and sassy... I hope we're going to be friends. Most of the folks I meet through my kids are much younger (I had Linc when I was 41), and while they've been wonderful people to get to know... there's an element of looking ahead, too.

My first midwife, Tosi, was probably the closest thing I've had to an older friend and mentor, back in Davis. I don't think I really developed one in Kansas City (though I think I used Tosi's great example to maybe be a help to a few other younger women, which also felt great). But I've missed having someone a little further along the path than me, or even struggling with similar issues at the same time... [ profile] kightp, [ profile] uncanny_npl, [ profile] paulaandandrew, and [ profile] essaying have been my virtual great examples of older women embracing their age with grace, strength, humor and style; but IRL I just haven't met many older women that I see and think, "I wanna grow up to be HER!"

Friendships with older women were something I didn't even really realize I was missing. Maybe I need to put some energy into actively pursuing them... hmm. Something to think about, at any rate.
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More meno whinging and girly crap under here. )

Yes, I have issued a communique to the doc. Awaiting instructions, as I simultaneously await the blessed relief of ibuprofen. Commiseration, sympathy, and indulgent pats on the head all gratefully accepted.

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