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Go here to see photos from Linc's birthday.

But here's my favorite!

Birthday boy!
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The bike train!
Originally uploaded by mamagotcha.

Thank goodness we have both the hill and the wind in our favor going
home! How's your bike ride going, Saska?

ETA: That's seven bags of groceries, plus a gallon of milk and my purse, back in the trailer. I had to mount the trailer coupler onto Linc's bike, too.

We rode 2.8 miles total. Heading there was really hard... both a slight uphill grade all the way, and the wind just totally filled the trailer and made it act like a drag chute (I do have a cover somewhere; gotta dig it out and attach it). But the ride home, even with all the groceries, was much easier (whew!).

I'm feeling pretty bicycle-badass right now, I am!
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Pictures from our house to yours! )

Hope you all are enjoying this lovely day! Now... time for coffeecake and mimosas!
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Behind the cut. )

What have YOU been making?
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Linc, proffering a tiny item: What's this?
Bill: Looks like a little piece of plastic, maybe a broken Lego. Where did you find it?
Linc: Downstairs.
Bill: Where downstairs?
Linc, thinking a moment: By the cat.
(we crack up)
Bill: And where was the cat?
Linc, getting exasperated with us now: In front of the plastic!

Party time!

Aug. 9th, 2009 07:47 pm
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Linc's official fifth birthday party was today, at the gym where Clay does parkour. We had a blast; Bill's cake was a huge hit (he made the marshmallows and candy "blocks" himself, in addition to the very yummy cake). Here's some pics from the party. Thanks, everyone, for coming to help us celebrate our boy's big day!

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Pix from Linc's birthday behind the cut... )

And one last sweet shot... a mocha with one of [ profile] 2006in2006's homemade marshmallows:
marshmallow love

Snow day!

Mar. 2nd, 2009 03:50 pm
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We woke up to about four inches of snow Saturday morning, and another couple inches came down in the next few hours. We all went out to play, and I got a few photos.

Here they are... )
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A link to a photoset of birthday pictures.

Birthday notes. )

It's hard to accept that he's already this big. Slow down, little guy! I'm trying to enjoy every minute of your growing up, and it's slipping by so quickly.
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Tonight, Lincoln passed his very first DDR song, Tsugaru.

He passed four or five times in a row. He's only getting a D, but as his proud daddy said, "Who cares if the grammar's bad? The monkey is TALKING!"

Here's a movie of him practicing, about a week ago (on workout mode):

Go, Linker!

(And now that I've figured out the movie function on my camera, and how to get YouTube to accept the files... well, I'm afraid you all are in for it now. Tough!)

edited to add: [ profile] jedusor reminded me of a great picture of Linc not too long after he learned to walk, trying DDR. He wanted to do it SO BADLY, we had to put out a dummy mat for him, or else he'd stomp all over the other pad while people were trying to play. He shares now... he tries to get all the kids who come to visit to do it, but they're flummoxed. He's just so advanced!
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Linc was being pretty hard to deal with last month... very short fuse, being defiant, digging in his heels, fighting with his friends... nothing out of the ordinary for a three-year-old kid, but still outside the norm of his usually sunny demeanor. It was getting old.

In the last week, he's had several developmental leaps: starting to identify words in his books (and wanting to "read" them to us), talking to my sister via speakerphone (a one-time thing so far... normally he hates the phone), making up stories and songs... just little stream-of-consciousness wanderings and such, and (FINALLY) pooping in the toilet.

This last was encouraged strongly by me, maybe not so AP but I'm SO DONE with diapers. I used this time that Bill's out of town to have the Final Battle, because he's more softhearted than me and will hand over the diaper eventually. I hardened my heart to his pleas, kept telling him I loved him and knew he could do it, cleaned up a few messes around the house (didn't yell about them), fed him popcorn and chocolate, bribed him with a squirt-gun, and eventually just parked him on the pot for about 15 minutes.

It worked, and as we headed out to a drugstore to obtain the promised bribe, he squeezed my hand and said, "Thanks you for teachin' me how to poop in the potty, Mama!"


I guess I'll keep the lil' stinker.
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So I'm going to be in Denver this weekend, braiding for a wedding. I'll be pretty much on my own all day Friday, and I hope to do some exploring. Does anyone have any recommendations?

(Bonus baby babble: Linc dumped out a little container of crystal beads that were on my desk. I asked him to pick them up, and he said, "They're bumble-beads!")
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Every day, when I bring in the paper, Linc demands to see the weather page, and proceeds to point out all the different weather we will have in the upcoming week. He also points to different parts on the map: Aunt Amanda & Uncle Ken, Gramma Lorraine & Grampa Paul & Gramma Edith, Gramma Connie & Grampa Chuck & Julia & Cordell, Josh & Megan, and Kansas City. Is this cute or what?


Sep. 28th, 2007 07:13 pm
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Some cute pictures of Lincoln at Union Station today: All trains, all the time! )
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Right off the bat I'll tell you that everything was fine and he's doing great right now, as if nothing had happened at all...

but yesterday was Lincoln's first visit to the emergency room. )
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Some folks have hinted that my California trip would be a good time to wean. I probably won't, and this article explains why. Just an FYI... nobody's been pushy at all about it.

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