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Something I've been getting more and more interested in is the study of game theory. I'm in the middle of writing a longer post on it (honest, Julia!), but the whole thing is fascinating.

In the fall of 2010, I heard about a new MMO (massive multiplayer online game, think World of Warcraft) that was aimed at adults but non-violent, creative and humorous. I immediately emailed the creators and asked to be put on their tester list, and was invited to join the alpha players last December. The game, Glitch, went beta early this year and now is scheduled for an official launch this fall.

Yesterday, it was announced that Keita Takahashi, the mind behind the ground-breaking game Katamari Damacy, has come on board the development team (already filled with some amazing minds; one dev I communicate with often was a founder of Flickr). The game was already amazing, in my opinion... I can't wait to see what this new addition will bring!

I feel SO incredibly fortunate to be on the ground floor of this project (and through Glitch I heard about Tinkatolli, a game I've been beta testing with Linc). It's been a blast, meeting people online from all over the world who have been waiting for (and even better, working on) a game like this. The developers are in communication with the players often, and really seem to take a personal interest in our ideas and criticisms. I feel like my tiny little fingerprints are going to be on a fantastic thing that is growing before my eyes... I am so lucky!

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