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I spent about two hours today fighting the gargantuan gourd plant that had taken over my garden. )

I'm very proud of myself. I think I'm going to go to bed early, after a nice soak in the tub.
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We've been eating a LOT of Thai-style curries lately, mostly made with Thai Kitchen curry pastes (both red and green) and coconut milk. I decided to plant some Thai peppers and lemongrass this year to try to make my own curry paste, and when we got home from Portland, lo, there were some ripe peppers!

So I decided to give it a whirl... whacked off some of the lemongrass (which has been growing like crazy), a couple peppers, and away we go. I had garlic and tamarind paste and fish oil on hand, but I had to substitute ginger for the galangal and brown sugar for the date sugar. I made one curry with the Thai Kitchen paste (and no fish oil) for comparison and so Jules could have a vegan version, and the second I made with my "paste." The teensy mortar-and-pestle I have is more for cracking a couple of mustard seeds, not for making a pile of paste, so I tried the food processor.

The air filled with a fine mist of ginger, garlic and peppers... made me tear up and sneeze. I couldn't find any reference that said for sure one way or another, but I decided not to use the chili seeds and I think that was a good call because ooooweee this stuff is hot hot hot. The processor really didn't smush it up much; it's more a shredded mess than a paste, but it worked!

Bill said it tasted fresh, and hotter than usual. My hands are still stinging (from one website: "Be sure to wash hands whenever handling chilis. If you get chili oil on your special places, no one can help you").

Is green curry just made with green... that is, unripe... chilis?

We just ordered a new, bigger m&p from Amazon, so I'll be able to do more curries later this summer (the pepper bushes are full of little green killer spikes!). I'm just starting on this Thai curry adventure... if anyone has any web sites or books they recommend, I'd love to hear about it!
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i spent most of today working on my tiny little garden: long boring gardening babble. )

got the amazon books on dealing with aging parents... started reading both of them. it looks like my folks are pretty classic examples of what's going on in families all over the U.S.A. these days, and it's only going to get worse in the next few decades. there's a huge population of elderly folks who need specialized care, and a very small (but growing) network of services for them... when the boomers hit retirement age, things will probably start changing faster. but until then, we're looking at a lot of very independent, isolated, angry seniors who resent being told that they need help. at least i know i'm not alone... but i'm also reading that this whole thing is very likely going to go on for years, if not decades. this is not encouraging... but there does seem to be some very good information in these books about how to discuss these issues with elderly parents, and i'm looking forward to using these tools to try to see if we can get things back to an even keel with my folks. nothing new to report from them, which is a nice change. i am feeling a little bit more hopeful now. thank you all again for your kind words of support and encouragement. they mean a lot to me!

tomorrow: finish the mulching, and hammer on a backlog of IJA festival tasks (got a phone call about the festival from Kosovo today! how cool is that?)

happy mother's day to all my magnificent mom friends. you ladies inspire me, make me laugh, listen to my whines, and make me so glad i have my kids, because they're an great excuse to hang out with you! and a special shout-out to my sister, who has a magical mothering energy all her own. enjoy the day!

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