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A friend was blogging about her own struggle with body image and fat and food, and I wrote a long response that I wanted to hang on to.

I know this isn't everybody's cup of tea, so I'm tucking it behind a cut... )

I hope you find your path to health in a way that encourages contentment and joy!

ETA: Open this PDF and search for Linda's article, "Tales of Mice and Leptin: False Promises and New Hope in Weight Control." It's a terrific blend of social observations and lab research, as well as a crash course in many of the areas her book covers.
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Regarding Mrs. Obama's outreach programs: Please, please, please stop with the "obesity" vilification! Call it a Child Health Initiative, or Nutrition Education Program... but by saying you're anti-obesity, you're giving overweight kids a sense that they are something to be hated and discriminated against. Please, Mrs. Obama, read Linda Bacon's "Health at Every Size," which clearly outlines the most recent weight-related research. And you'll find that fat people DON'T eat more or move less than other people, that fat is an immune system response to stress and other factors, the truth about setpoints and the fact that it's very hard to change them (and possibly dangerous to try), and that it's OK to be fat and healthy... yes, pretty outrageous notions in our day and age! Thank you for your time and consideration.
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So I finally got my mitts on a copy of Linda Bacon's Health at Every Size (thank you, [ profile] 1firefly!) and devoured it the day it arrived.

Lots of ideas smooshed into a few paragraphs... )

Our bodies are pretty freakin' amazing, and I'm learning to be more and more awed and grateful at how well my own has done over the years. This is all coalescing into a strong message to me: listen to your body. You know more than you think you know. Trust your instincts, but do your homework as well.
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From a recent bOING bOING post: "... successful documentaries—and really documentaries in general—are usually about challenging popular perception and either making a case for a viewpoint that's counter to 'common-sense' or informing people about a situation that's mostly being ignored. The thesis 'Fat People Eat Too Much' does not exactly fit into that mold."

No, it doesn't. What I'd dearly love to see is the documentary that WOULD fit: the thesis that there may be other factors that cause obesity (i.e., maybe fat people DON'T eat too much), that being fat doesn't mean you are necessarily unhealthy, that you can be fat and love yourself.

More musing and then... a light bulb goes off! )

Is this a big "DUH!" for all of you? Have I missed (or worse, willfully ignored) the memo about this? Or am I just creating some wishful thinking and justifying my gluttonous ways? I'm very curious to hear what you think of this little epiphany... thanks.

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