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More DDR stuff that probably only [ profile] jedusor cares about: this morning, Linc not only passed "Candy Hearts" on medium (he did "Tsugaru" on medium a while back), but he also set a new high score on "Nemesis" (it had had an E on medium, he got a D).

We've been filming him a lot... it would be awesome to catch his first AA, and I think we're getting close! He's done "Tsugaru" a few times with huge combos (121 is the best I remember seeing), and only one or two missed steps.

If DDR teaches dancing like RockBand trained Clay for drums, then Linc'll be a Rockette in no time!
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Mostly for [ profile] jedusor... Linc is up to a C on Tsugaru! He doesn't even get into the red anymore, and Bill said he was thiiiis close to flying colors.

Make ya proud, don't it?
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Tonight, Lincoln passed his very first DDR song, Tsugaru.

He passed four or five times in a row. He's only getting a D, but as his proud daddy said, "Who cares if the grammar's bad? The monkey is TALKING!"

Here's a movie of him practicing, about a week ago (on workout mode):

Go, Linker!

(And now that I've figured out the movie function on my camera, and how to get YouTube to accept the files... well, I'm afraid you all are in for it now. Tough!)

edited to add: [ profile] jedusor reminded me of a great picture of Linc not too long after he learned to walk, trying DDR. He wanted to do it SO BADLY, we had to put out a dummy mat for him, or else he'd stomp all over the other pad while people were trying to play. He shares now... he tries to get all the kids who come to visit to do it, but they're flummoxed. He's just so advanced!

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