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My father passed away on Dec. 22, 2015.

Here's his online memorial site.

It's been a pretty rough month. I really should write about it but I'm not ready to. Still, I wanted to let people know this site was up.

Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement these last few weeks. It has helped so much to know I'm not alone.
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My dad called tonight. His procedure has been moved up to April 24 (It WAS going to be mid-May sometime).

I'm thinking I'm going to fly out instead of drive, and rent a car for a month so I can go visit Julia and my in-laws after staying with my dad.

I'm trying to stay positive about this, but I'm worried... first the doctors seemed pretty blasé about this thing, and now they're suddenly saying he needs it done faster.

This means I won't be seeing all you lovely Kansas City folks, at least not as soon as I want to. But I will be at Whole Earth Festival, and this way I will have more time to wander around the coast and in Washington.

If all goes well.
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Cordell just talked to me on the phone. It seems that my dad's dog, Hobo, has a particularly aggressive form of skin cancer, and will probably need to be put down in a matter of months.

This is really bad news for my dad. He's had that old dog for over ten years, and on top of losing my mom last year, well... it's going to be really hard for him.

I'd like to figure out a way to get out there and say goodbye to that old hound. He's been such a great comfort to both of my parents, and it's going to be really difficult to lose him.

I told Cord to try to get my dad to think about maybe looking for another dog before Hobo gets too bad off. He really likes other dogs, and I think it might be good for my dad to have another beastie around to keep him occupied before Hobo gets too much worse.

Fortunately, at least so far, it seems that these growths are painless, and Cord says he's being happy and playful and seems otherwise in good shape.

Maybe it's road trip time? I need to think about this...

Kathy and Hobo
(a photo of my Aunt Kathy and Hobo, about a year ago)

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