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Birthday cake stand!
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My sister had asked my mom many years ago if she could have an old
purple glass cake stand that we'd grown up with, and my mom had decided
not to pass it on until she'd passed on herself.

I sent my sister another one I'd found (yay, eBay) for her birthday
maybe ten years ago... it wasn't the one she'd seen her own birthday
cakes on as a kid, but I hoped it would be a good stand-in until she
could have the real one.

Well, now it's a year after my mom's passing, and when Amanda was in
California packing up some other things, she came across the fondly
remembered item. Trouble is, she already had one, and honestly, how many
purple glass pedestal cake stands does one really need? So she very
carefully packaged it and sent it to me. I offered to swap with hers,
and she said she now liked the new one (along with its story) and wanted
to keep it. I love it! Thanks so much, Amanda!

ETA: After digging around a bit, I found that this is most likely a piece of early American pattern glass (EAPG), made by US Glass Co. circa 1902, sometimes called Depression Glass. The pattern is Manhattan (sometimes called New York), and the color is amethyst. I knew it was old, but I thought it was maybe from the 30s or 40s. Very cool!

Party time!

Aug. 9th, 2009 07:47 pm
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Linc's official fifth birthday party was today, at the gym where Clay does parkour. We had a blast; Bill's cake was a huge hit (he made the marshmallows and candy "blocks" himself, in addition to the very yummy cake). Here's some pics from the party. Thanks, everyone, for coming to help us celebrate our boy's big day!

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