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Go here to see photos from Linc's birthday.

But here's my favorite!

Birthday boy!

Party time!

Aug. 9th, 2009 07:47 pm
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Linc's official fifth birthday party was today, at the gym where Clay does parkour. We had a blast; Bill's cake was a huge hit (he made the marshmallows and candy "blocks" himself, in addition to the very yummy cake). Here's some pics from the party. Thanks, everyone, for coming to help us celebrate our boy's big day!

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Pix from Linc's birthday behind the cut... )

And one last sweet shot... a mocha with one of [ profile] 2006in2006's homemade marshmallows:
marshmallow love
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I managed to mess up on a critical aspect of my daughter's birth (the time of her arrival), and so I thought I'd spend part of her 19th birthday revisiting what I wrote about the momentous event.

Julia's birth story. (Possibly TMI for the squeamish.) )
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A link to a photoset of birthday pictures.

Birthday notes. )

It's hard to accept that he's already this big. Slow down, little guy! I'm trying to enjoy every minute of your growing up, and it's slipping by so quickly.
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today was one of my best birthdays ever! )

i should add that bill's other gift to me was deciding that we could go into debt a little more so that gotcha, fork, hooligan and darwin could attend the National Puzzlers League con this summer... i'll finally get to see the Krewe again at TexSAcon, HOORAY!

pretty much a terrific birthday all around. my face hurts from grinnin' like a fool!

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